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Advantages and disadvantages of industrial warm air heating

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Advantages and disadvantages of industrial warm air heating

Industrial warm air heating solutions are an effective way to heat many spaces such as warehouses, schools and factories and can be a great alternative to other traditional central heating solutions. Warm air heating works by recirculating the air from inside the building and passing over a gas fired heat exchange warming the air as it passes to produce a comfortable environment. This can be further advanced by high level destratification fans to bring the heat down from the roof space. To satisfy your room stat making a saving on gas consumption.

This method of heating is a great alternative to traditional methods, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of warm air heating?


  • Warm air heating solutions tend to last longer than most other methods. Breakdowns and faults are less likely and warm air heating solutions should enjoy a long life span.
  • Unlike other methods, warm air heating will not take a long time to heat up and start producing the right amount of heat for your space. Warm air heating starts working very quickly.
  • Warm air heating solutions give you much more control of the temperature.
  • No need for radiators


  • The initial set up costs of a warm air heating solution can be more expensive than some alternatives. However, as mentioned before, this system should last longer.

We can see from this that warm air heating has many advantages with some drawbacks, however, Swiftheat is here to help you determine what heating solution is best for you. If you wish to speak to us regarding your heating solution, please contact us here or call us on 0161 764 4539.

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