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Swiftheat Heating Engineers At Swiftheat, all our heating engineers are Gas Safe Registered with a vast amount of experience so you know you are in safe hands. Our engineers are fully experienced in Installations, Maintenance, Repairing and servicing of all heating appliances from manufacturer products including Combat, Powrmatic, Reznor, Benson, Ambi-Rad, and many more. Every aspect of every industrial heating job carried out by our engineers complies with the British standards and health and safety regulations. This ensures clients get
What is a destratification fan and why should you use them? A destratification fan is a ventilation fan, usually suspended from the ceiling. They do not produce any heat themselves, but rather circulate the hot air from the ceiling to the floor. This is one of the most important pieces of equipment to ensure that your heating system runs efficiently and provides the best, most comfortable results. Why is it so important? It is a
How does warm air heating work? Warm air heating systems work by recirculating air from inside the building, taking the cool air and passing it through a heat exchanger that uses a gas flame to generate heat. The heated metal plates within the heat exchanger convert the cool air into hot air. The hot air is then distributed around the building via grilles and vents on the heater. The process is then repeated. The temperature
Are Your Gas Appliances Ready For Winter? Now that winter is truly here, your gas heating appliances are needed more than ever, so are they ready for this winter? Regular maintenance and checks will ensure that you are prepared for those cold, winter days. Why service and maintain your gas appliances? Keep your heating systems working efficiently, providing you with the right amount of heat whilst keeping costs to a minimum. Ensure your appliances are
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Advantages and disadvantages of industrial warm air heating Industrial warm air heating solutions are an effective way to heat many spaces such as warehouses, schools and factories and can be a great alternative to other traditional central heating solutions. Warm air heating works by recirculating the air from inside the building and passing over a gas fired heat exchange warming the air as it passes to produce a comfortable environment. This can be further advanced
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