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Lower your winter industrial heating bills

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Winter is nearly here, and with that comes the added difficulty to an already difficult challenge of keeping your industrial workspace at the optimum temperature. Here at Swiftheat, we recognise the importance of getting your heating right as well as doing it the most cost-effective way. Here are some ways that can help with this.

But first, getting your industrial heating right is important for your business because the comfort of your employees in regards to the temperature they work at can have a direct effect on their productivity. Matching this with the costs saved if done right, your industrial heating system can have a big effect on your businesses profits. So how can you lower your winter heating bills…

Use quality heaters

Here at Swiftheat, we use the latest technology in heating equipment and with this comes many benefits. The newer industrial heating solutions use up much less energy and have lower running costs than older heating systems leading to a reduced monthly cost for your business. Not only this but having new, up to date heaters will lead to fewer breakdowns and repairs, therefore, saving on avoidable repair costs.

Choose the right heater for your needs

All heaters will provide heat that you need, but not all heaters are suitable for your space and if you get this wrong you could be wasting energy and money. Certain types of heaters are better for different areas. Here are a few examples below:

Boiler Heating

Usually, the best way to heat the smaller rooms such as small offices will be through a boiler, feeding hot water to the room through the radiators situated in the rooms. This simple method will work well for small offices but will struggle to heat large workspaces such as factory floors for example.


Warm Air Heating

Warm air heating is a popular method to heat a large space such as school gyms and factories. This works by pumping a constant flow of warm air into the area allowing it to fill large spaces. However, there can be a negative to this method of heating. As we all know, heat rises, meaning that if your space has a high roof, a lot of heat will be lost with it rising to an area which has no need to be heated which leads to a less efficient method of heating your large workspace.

powermatic warm air heating repairs

Destratification Fans

Some workspaces have high ceilings and using warm air heaters mean that some of the warm air will rise to the top. This can lead to wasted heat and result in higher energy costs. To stop this we can use suspended destratification fans from the ceiling where the warm air can be recirculated to the floor space.


Radiant Heating

Radiant heating is another option. Rather than pumping warm air out into an open space, radiant heating works by heating objects that are close to the heater. This can combat the issue of heat rising to areas that do not need the heat. However, because you have to be close to the heater to receive the heat, this could mean, that in a large room, you may need more radiant tubes installing within the space to heat all areas.

radiant heater

In conclusion, we can see that an efficient industrial heating system can have huge benefits to you in terms of lowering your winter industrial heating costs. If you are interested in profiting from these benefits, please get in touch to see how we can help and advise what type of heating solution would be most cost-effective and efficient for your needs.

Swiftheat provides a wide range of heating solutions as well as experienced gas safe heating engineers.

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