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BOBST UK Manchester Limited, a prominent supplier of substrate processing, printing, and converting equipment and services for the label, flexible packaging, folding carton, and corrugated board industries, had been a loyal customer of Swiftheat Gas Services Ltd for an extended period. BOBST UK Manchester Limited decided to expand and acquire additional premises that needed proper heating, prompting them to seek Swiftheat Gas Services Ltd’s expertise in installing and servicing Powrmatic products, a task they had been proficient at for years.

Swiftheat Gas Services Ltd selected and set up the LNVx Warm Air Heater, which is suspended to keep it off the floor and away from the main working areas. They opted for Powrmatic suspended unit heaters, as these have proven to be reliable in another production area. Swiftheat was tasked with creating a system that achieves a temperature rise from -4 degrees Celsius outside to +18 degrees Celsius inside, complete with frost protection and time and temperature controls.

Due to the absence of mains natural gas in the building, Swiftheat proposed the use of LPG units. The combination of four LNVx90 LPG suspended unit heaters and five CECx6500 De-Stratification fans proved to be an excellent solution, offering both warm air heating and de-stratification benefits. The LNVx heaters ensured energy efficiency while complying with regulations, providing an effective heating solution for the building. On the other hand, the CECx fans, designed for elevated mounting, automatically circulated high-level hot air to minimize stratification and reduce associated heat losses. These fans are specifically engineered to lower fuel consumption in space heating systems and simultaneously enhance comfort levels.

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