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System 3 Limited, a prominent manufacturer of high-specification insulating glazing sealed units and toughened-laminated glass, was in the process of expanding production into a new facility. As part of this expansion, they required a dependable and effective heating solution for their recently renovated premises.

Our engineers’ expert knowledge of Powrmatic products, as well as our long standing partnership, made Swiftheat the obvious choice for the job.

We undertook a comprehensive heating system installation for System 3’s newly acquired premises. The setup comprised of five LX60 and LX90 warm air gas heaters, all ErP compliant, as well as eight CECx destratification fans to facilitate efficient air circulation. The building encompassed a vast area of 60,000 sq. ft, necessitating the installation of an 88.9mm stainless steel gas line.

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System 3 Limited was really happy with how the heaters performed and the installation done by Swiftheat. The heating system made the workspace comfortable for their employees, which was crucial for making top-notch glazing sealed units and toughened-laminated glass. Swiftheat’s expertise in commercial heating and installation really showed in their work, and System 3 was totally pleased with the outcome. Swiftheat has been a loyal and important customer of Powrmatic, and they proved their reliability, professionalism, and efficiency once again in this project.

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Powrmatic destratification fan
Our engineer installing warm air system
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