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Now is the time to take your heating issues seriously – Controllers

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Now is the time to take your heating issues seriously – Controllers

80% of the jobs our engineers attended last year had the controllers set incorrectly or were set to come on at weekends, when no one was in the building.

With energy costs rising at a rate not seen for decades it has never been more important to ensure the right steps are being taken to keep costs as low as possible.

John Rodgers, CEO, gives his top tips to ensure the maximum efficiency for warehouses and factories as winter approaches.

1. Check your controllers to ensure they are set for the correct times.

2. Check the Room Thermostat is set at 15 – 18 degrees in working hours, depending on workplace comfort requirements.

3. Ensure Night Setback / Frost Thermostat is set at 4 degrees. Thisis  to avoid potential frost damage to expensive equipment. By far the biggest inefficiency our engineers see is Night Setback / Frost thermostats being set incorrectly and heating empty spaces outside of working hours.

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If you are in any way unsure of how to do this, Contact us for a service or call us on 0161 764 4539 and we will visit your workplace to ensure your manual and digital thermostats and controllers are as efficient as possible.

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