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Radiant Heating Explained

Radiant heating

Radiant Heating explained

Radiant heating is becoming a more and more popular option for heating units where heat is only required in specific areas.

Radiant heaters produce rays of energy that will only convert to heat once it hits and is absorbed by the body or object. One of the best examples of this is our own sun and the sunlight it produces. On a cold day, when you stand in the sunshine, you still feel the heat of the sun on your face, but if you move into the shade, you no longer feel the radiant heat it produces.

As opposed to a traditional heater, a radiant heater will not pump heat out into an open space – we are warming the person or object and not the air. This can combat the issue of heat rising above where it is required or the heating of general areas where it would be classified as wasteful. Radiant heating is a great option in certain cases where heat is needed in specific areas, but not necessarily in the whole unit. It is particularly applicable where large doors are in constant operation throughout the day.

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