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Why has British Gas Stopped Business Care Plans?

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Why has British Gas Stopped Business Care Plans?

In early 2022, British Gas stopped offering new Business Care plans to commercial customers, leaving many businesses without cover for their commercial gas boilers and heaters. If your existing Business Care plan is coming to an end or has already expired, Swiftheat are on hand to help. This blog will take you through all you need to know to ensure your commercial and industrial gas appliances are compliant and in full working order.

What is a Business Care plan?

‘Business Care’ is the name British Gas use for their ‘inclusive’ care plan for commercial gas boilers and heaters. This type of plan involves businesses paying a flat monthly fee which covers all associated costs for ongoing maintenance of their gas boilers and heaters, including servicing, parts and call-outs.

Has British Gas cancelled Business Care plans?

Yes, British Gas has stopped providing new Business Care cover plans. Although the company have not issued a statement to confirm this, commercial customers throughout the UK have noticed that they are no longer able to renew their existing or expired plans.

Why did British Gas cancel their Business Care plans?

British Gas isn’t alone in cancelling its care plans for commercial and industrial gas services. In fact, most companies no longer provide equivalent ‘inclusive’ plans. The main reason for this is because of the costs associated with inclusive-style maintenance, particularly with the rapidly rising cost of parts. Put simply, the cost of cover was becoming so expensive that it no longer offered a benefit over ‘pay-as-you-go’ services. Another reason why many businesses stopped offering inclusive service plans is because of the increase in length of manufacturer guarantees. Modern commercial gas boilers and heaters often come with a warranty of 10 or more years, with some even covering parts and call-outs.

What do I need to consider for my commercial gas boiler or heater?

The two things you need to think about when it comes to your business’s gas boiler or heater are its annual service and emergency repairs.

All commercial premises have a duty of care to their employees and premises visitors to ensure all gas appliances have been inspected annually, and where appropriate a CP17 gas safety certificate has been issued and is in force. This satisfies H&S and insurance obligations and is a key measure for any commercial business.

The experienced team at Swiftheat provide a comprehensive service for inspections and CP17 certification for gas appliances in commercial and industrial environments.

If something goes wrong and your appliance is no longer covered by its manufacturer warranty, then the team at Swiftheat carry out emergency commercial, and industrial, boiler and heater repairs as well as ongoing maintenance services, meaning you have the complete package when you have a relationship with Swiftheat.

Based in the North West of England, our Gas Safe registered engineers are on hand to provide a full range of maintenance and repair solutions. Contact on 0161 764 4539 or contact us using this form.

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